Frequently Asked Questions about handmade wood products

Where does the wood come from that you use in your products?
From all over the world and local areas in Ontario. Exotic woods are imported and we utilize local woods from downed or damaged trees. We often get special orders from people who want something made from a tree that they lost in a windstorm and want to have a memento.
What exactly is a burl?
Burls are abnormal growths on trees that have undergone stress of some type. Highly prized by wood artists because of both the density for use in things like our salad bowls and also for the beautiful and intricate grains the burls produce.
What makes the little groves in the wood that is found right under the bark?
They are made by insects living under the bark.. the trees are normally very old when this happens.
How do I take care of my wood salad bowls?
After a good rinsing of soapy water you may wipe food grade mineral oil in the bowl and leave the oil soak in for 10 mins then wipe dry with a paper towel.
How do I care for my bread boards?
Rinse the bread board with soapy water and dry with a clean cloth or a paper towel. You may also wipe on food grade mineral found at your local drug store. Leave the mineral oil soak in for 10 mins then wipe dry.
What is the difference between your bread boards and your cutting boards?
The bread boards can be used for cutting boards as well.
They are all made from hard wood. The end grain cutting boards are more suited for cutting meats.
What does end grain mean?
End grain is the part of the log where you see all the growth rings.
How do I take care of a cutting board?
Wash your cutting board with soapy water by hand only and if the board starts to look dull you may wipe some food grade mineral oil on the wood and leave it soak for 10 mins then wipe dry.
Do you have to let green wood age before you can work with it?
No green wood can be turned on the lathe as soon as it is cut, but it can only be rough turned and has to be kept extra thick until it dries. It can then be finished on the lathe. Big bowls can take 1 year to dry enough to be finish turned.
How do you know when the wood is ready to be turned?
I weigh the wood when it is green (wet) then I will weigh the wood again at a later date. I also check the wood with a moisture meter.
Can I get refills for the wood pens?
Yes, all the pens I make you can get refills for at any Staples store or Office Depot. You may also order refills from us here at Knots to Bowls if you are unable to find a refill in your area.
Can you ship an item as a gift to a different address other then the buyers address?
Yes ,we will ship to any address that you desire.
Can you gift wrap an item if purchased as a gift?
Yes we will gift wrap with paper to suit the occasion.
Is there an additional charge for gift wrapping?
There is no extra charge for gift wrapping. Just send us a note with your order that you would like your item gift wrapped and the occasion.

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