Pepper Mills, Pepper Grinders and Salt Crocks
Handcrafted from local and exotic wood

Add a twist style mill or old-fashioned crank mill coupled with a salt crock for a designer look to your table. Function and style.
Lifetime guarantee on the restaurant quality mechanisms.
Peppermill-Curly Maple
Walnut and curly maple peppermill
13" tall.
Grinds salt or pepper.
curly maple cutting board
Black walnut Peppermill
10" tall.
Also grinds salt.
Crank peppermill made from honey locust
This handcrafted pepper mill was made with Honey locust wood from Ontario.
Black Walnut Crank Peppermill

Peppermill - Crank Style Red Elm
Unique Red Elm peppermill with a crank handle.
8-1/2" extra tall.
Red Elm crank-style peppermill
Rustic looking peppermill.
Made with Red Elm from Ontario.
Adjust the grind on the top with the thumb nut.
7" tall,  #M35

Old-fashioned Crank Style Peppermills

A great way to add charm to the kitchen of any home. They look and work great for grinding pepper or herbs. Woods are selected from fallen trees in our area.

All mills are in stock and ready to ship.
Birds Eye Maple pepper grinder
Birds Eye Maple
Nice contrasting grain.
Wooden Salt Crocks / Salt Bowls
Handmade salt crocks are made one at a time from woods with character.  Find a style or type of wood that you like or you may order a mixed variety of woods and I will custom make them for you.
They can be used in your home kitchen or they would be a big hit in your Restaurant, Bar or Grill.
Each salt bowl will be a little different even if they are the same type of wood, this makes them all interesting and unique.
If you wish to order more than 1 salt bowl please contact Knots to Bowls either by phone 519-826-8371 or Email
Figured maple salt bowl.
Hand carved
Salt crock - walnut
Handmade salt crock.
Nice dark wood from this Ontario black walnut.
Elm log style salt crock
Natural edge log style salt crock made from Elm.
Perfect for the bar and grill.
Roasted Curly Maple Salt Crock
Roasted salt bowl.
Made with roasted curly sugar maple from Northern Ontario.

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