Wood Pens

Wood Pens and Pencils
Unique handmade pens and pencils 

Great care is taken in the making of our one-of-a-kind wooden pens; from excellent craftsmanship to selecting the wood and mechanisms for the handcrafted wood pens. We make sure you are receiving a superior product,  a lasting gift for any occasion that will be a treasure to own and use.
Bethlehem Olive Wood twist-style pen with rubber grip.
Easy to hold.


Executive style pen made with ancient bog oak.
The wood is very dark and heavy. 
Handmade wooden pen.
Made with silky oak.
22k gold plate trim.
Executive pen made with Silky Oak.
A pen with a very sleek design that writes great.
Twist pen made with Red heart wood and black titanium trim.
Twist pen made with cocobolo wood and black titanium trim.
Bolt action style military bullet pens
A unique gift for a hunter, law enforcement officer, outdoors person, military collector or someone special.
Bog Oak bullet style pen.
This wood is over 5000 years old.
Bullet style pen made with spalted maple.
Spalted Maple wood.
Bullet-style pen.

Bullet pen made with silky oak
Silky Oak Bullet pen
Pull the bolt action back to retract the tip.
308 Mag. rifle twist pen
308 Mag. Rifle style twist pen.
Made with roasted curly maple.
The Mini bolt action ballpoint pen.
Made with Curly Maple. 4" long
Mini Bullet Pen - Pacific Yew
Mini Bullet Pen
Made from Pacific Yew
Classic Burl Wood Pens
Black Box Elder Burl  ballpoint click pen.
Titanium gold plated trim
Box Elder Burl Executive style ball point pen.
22k gold plated trim

Twist pen made with Amboyna burl and black titanium fittings.
Twist pen made with Black Ash burl
and a copper finish.
Red Mallee twist pen.
Made with black titanium trim
Twist pen made with Black Heart Ash Burl.
Black Titanium trim.
Sugar Maple burl pen
Ontario Sugar Maple burl twist pen.
Black titanium trim.
Handmade twist pen made with Afzelia Burl
from South East Asia.
California Redwood burl twist pen with black titanium trim.
Black Cherry burl flat top executive twist pen 
with a Swarovski crystal embedded clip
Black titanium fittings.#BT11
Elder burl wood twist pen
Case is included
BC Yew twist pen.
British Columbia Yew wood twist pen.
Handcrafted with crystal clip
Black Cherry Burl Twist Pen with crystal clip.
Black Cherry Burl pen with crystal clip.
Made in Canada. 
Amboyna Burl Handmade twist pen from Canada.
Amboyna Burl twist pen.
This pen has a embedded Swarvorski Crystal in the clip. #BC3

wood case free with Crystal wood burl pen.
Free Wood case for all Crystal Burl Pens.
Sugar Maple burl pen made with wood from Ontario.
Sugar Maple Burl Twist Pen.
Made with black titanium trim.
This pen also has a Swavorski crystal
embedded in the clip. #BC4


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