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In the Shop of Knots to Bowls
Handmade Wooden Products
Our wood products are all handcrafted in the shop of Knots to Bowls in Ontario, Canada. We utilize wood from downed trees and create wood items for gifts for the home and office. Wooden bowls are all turned from a single burl or piece of wood.
We like to use our logs from Ontario but also seek wood from the USA, the UK, Australia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Manatoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

The Transition from Burls to Bowls

Butternut bowls
Black Cherry bowl blanks that have been sealed with wax to contain the wood's moisture.

This is how the bowls are prepared  before being mounted on the lathe to be turned into a bowl.
This sugar maple tree blew down in the town of Rockwood. The tree was close to 60' tall. To utilize wood like this I start by cutting the tree into blanks and turn them on the lathe while the wood inside is still green and wet.

The scrap wood is used for firewood to heat our shop.

Cherry, burls, maple, ash and walnut wood turning blanks and live edge wood slabs can be found for sale at Sawmill on Wheels Guelph Ontario.

The Steps Involved in Crafting a Wooden Bowl From A Log
Here I have the log lifted by the John Deere tractor. I will now decide where to make the cuts on the log.

Cutting sections of the log that will work to make bowls. Scrap is used to heat the workshop.
I have now taken one of the cut logs and cut it in half and removed the sharp corners.
log being mounted on lathe
At this stage the new bowl to be is centered on the face plate of the lathe ready to be turned.
custom lathe work
hollowing out a custom wood bowl
The bowl has been mounted on the lathe and the bottom is beginning to take shape.

I have the wood in position to start hollowing out the inside. It's still not ready to add the popcorn, but we are getting closer.
I'm seeing some nice grain now as I continue to hollow out this cherry wood bowl.
The new salad bowl now has a good shape and is completely rough turned. It is left extra thick because it will begin to change shape a little as it is drying.
Once rough turned the bowl is placed in a large cardboard box along with the damp shavings in order to allow the wood to dry slowly. It is then stored in a cool area.
It will remain covered in the box for 4 months then it is removed from the box and it will air dry on a drying rack for another 6 to 8 months. After close to 1 year of drying the bowl will be mounted again on the lathe and turned and cut to its final shape and size.

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